Our solution

A sustainable solution with natural elements

Eliminates Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi


Shelf life extension

Holland2o can be used to extend the shelf life of foods. For maximum effect, Holland2o should be used at the end of the production process. If the food is still wet, spray a mist of undiluted Holland2o over the product.


Prevent and cure diseases

To prevent disease, it is important to clean the stables of the animals with Holland2o Dynamic-ECA-Water.

Holland2o Dynamic-ECA-Water can be used to cure diseases caused by viruses, fungi and bacteria


Holland2o Dynamic-ECA-Water can be used for:

  • to clean the processing water,
  • disinfection of the soil to make the soil super fertile,
  • increase the potency of germination,
  • cultivation to grow larger plants during the growing process.

This is how microorganisms spread

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