Other uses

Other uses

Holland2o Dynamic-ECA-water is suitable for many purposes, provided that all is used properly, of course. We want to indicate in advance that Holland2o Dynamic-ECA-Water is not suitable as drinking water!

Research results and new developments

The research institute of Wageningen University has described the history and background of electrochemically activated water and examined the application possibilities within the agricultural sector. In the Netherlands, the use of activated water as biocide has been permitted since 2009. Active ingredients of activated water are chlorine gas, hypochlorous acid and hypochlorite. Together with a high oxidation reduction potential (Orp 750-1100 mV) it has a killing effect on bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, protozoa and nematodes. The development of ultrasonic atomization of activated water created new possibilities to treat crops and harvested products against pathogens without disinfecting excessive amounts of water and air from pathogens.

Most of the research has been conducted in America in the fields of food safety, intensive livestock farming, medical applications and dentistry. Using activated water on various food products will not affect color, smell, texture.

As is known, electrochemically activated water has a killing effect against bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, protozoa and nematodes. It is believed that the high OrpV changes the cell membrane in the cell of microorganisms, causing inactivation of the bacteria. New is an industrial application of
electrochemically activated water based on HCL, whereby the number of PPM has been reduced by a factor of 1,000 compared to the more known application based on NACL. In the application based on HCL, hydrogen hypochlorite is formed, which is a weak and inorganic acid with the gross formula HOCl. In water, hydrogen hypochlorite reacts as a (very) weak acid (with a pKa of about 7.5 it is about 1,000 times less acidic than acetic acid) and a strong oxidation. It is also characteristic that the electrochemically activated water based on HCL for
remains stable for a long period.

Holland2o Dynamic-ECA-Water can be applied to:

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