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Can we create a world in which less toxic chemicals are used and less antibiotics are needed? Is it possible to prevent diseases by pathogens at an early stage to fight? Can antibiotic resistance be counteracted? It answer is simple: YES, you can! Replace toxic pesticides by a durable disinfectant.

Our products

  • Less poison, less antibiotics and less chemicals and that less cost.
  • Sustainable disinfection makes pathogenic bacteria, fungi, yeasts and viruses harmless.
  • Safety, hygiene, health and animal welfare.

We offer you the ultimate machines

Holland2o Dynamic-ECA-Water machine




240 liters per hour HOCl by 1 electrolyze cell
480 liters per hour HOCl by 2 electrolyze cells
720 liters per hour HOCl by 3 electrolyze cells

   Minimum pressure entrance water 2 bar


220 voltage


About us

-> Sustainable disinfection

-> Safety and hygiene

-> Less poison, less antibiotics

Doctor woman with microscope in laboratory. Scientific research.

We love what we do, and it shows. With many years of practical experience, we know the sectors in which we operate like the back of our hand. No challenge is too big or too small for us and we do our utmost for every project we take on.

Do you recognize these questions?

– Can we create a world where fewer toxic chemicals are used and less antibiotics are needed?
– Is it possible to prevent disease by combating pathogens at an early stage?
– Can antibiotic resistance be counteracted?

The answer is simple: Yes, you can!

Replace toxic pesticides with a sustainable disinfectant. Pathogens do not stand a chance. Preventing diseases reduces the need for antibiotics. Sustainable disinfection contributes to a safe and healthy living environment for humans, animals and the environment. Ideal for organizations where safety and hygiene are of vital importance.

Holland2o BV is a young organization that is engaged in the manufacture and sale of machines for generating ECA water. The properties of the water generates are a high Redox potential and where the PH remains neutral. Due to these properties, the water then generated is capable of making the life of viruses, bacteria and fungi on plants, vegetables, fish, meat, etc. impossible. The applied technique is known, but where Holland2o distinguishes itself here is the use of HCL (hydrochloric acid) instead of NACL (Salt), which substances are responsible for increasing the Redox of spring water via an ionization process. The difference between the application based on HCL or NACL is that with the HCL application the residual value to be measured is a factor 1000 lower in terms of ppm than with NACL.

Holland2o focuses on the manufacture of machines (for in situ use) for the B-t-B market worldwide and more specifically on the food processing industry, agro- and horticulture. These markets are familiar with the effect of ECA water but do not wish to use applications based on NACL because the residual traces of the salt affect the metals (rust formation) and that for the agro and horticulture market the soil will also become salinized. . Such effects do not apply when using ECA water based on HCL

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